Create Fundraiser

Setup Your Own Mother’s Day Fundraiser for The River
(note that this will only work for people who have a facebook account)

For a nicely formatted PDF of this: River Fundraiser Setup

  1. This will explain how to set up a fundraiser using the Facebook free (no service charge) fundraiser system for non-profits! First, go to The River Food Pantry page on Facebook: Ek-pANJ4RRJLIOBJ_8ftVNceGlz5jFlGcb2KNLo3KPjCkvWEdAjooALtVVgffPB991ZBnFwWUTzreDfYds8YGd8M5g9h0xIOhtArotGCPGQFJRdpwnYWJ1TmgmqWxELCDqxJ8Zy9

  2. Click on the +Create Fundraiser button (near top center … see photo above)


  3. Choose an amount and an ending date (I suggest May 11 – the day after Mother’s Day for last minute donations)

  4. Click NEXT to see the next screen where you type in a TITLE for your fundraiser and a few sentences about why you are doing it and why it is important! g20ozzm817ENbil97pZ0ue_HANKyD7cQ2ilM4T1Wgf7xQ3yh6AQAbPR7xAVLYYqFt6f7OXmXYFcJeYhP_Vtp52e5rcOfas9AULcXC16-A_WbtSqEfrHt6wB5p6f9LABNUmbtGJjV

  5. They pre-fill it with something they think you might like (which actually was a good start)! You can say that the fundraiser is to honor your Mom and even include her name (if she agrees). Also say why you chose The River for the fundraiser (you can read what I wrote for my fundraiser that I just started)

  6. Click NEXT to see the next screen which is the info about The River that will be included with your fundraiser! They automatically include a good set of information and they make it look really nice as well!


  7. Now you can choose what photo (from the photos available from The River’s facebook page) you wish to use! They suggest one and you can drag and slide the image around. Or scroll down a little bit to see MORE photos that you can choose to use. You can click on one of the other photos and then it will automatically be moved up into the top position where (again) you can drag and slide it around to look the way you want.

  8. Now … just click the blue CREATE button and Facebook does all the work for you!


  9. Your fundraiser is now up and running and you are provided a LINK that you can copy and paste into emails or txt msgs that will take others to your custom Facebook page! Of course, Facebook will suggest things you can do to promote your fundraiser … like inviting all your facebook friends, but you can skip that if you wish and just use the LINK they provided to do it yourself! Here is what Facebook displayed for me (as an example):

  10. Click the blue Get Started button and if you have a Facebook account they will ask you to invite some of your facebook friends (again!!) …. Which you can do, of course, but feel free to just skip this and do it your own way too :)


  11. Final Note … once there has been $50 of donations, a custom long narrow link button will appear on The River’s main page in the Fundraiser section! It automatically updates with the amount already donated and also has a countdown time as to how many weeks, days and then hours are left for the fundraiser.

  12. Special Note: YES … the fundraiser is allowed to go OVER the target amount that you set! PLUS, it is a good idea to donate something yourself to show that you too support this. Make your donation $51 (or maybe just $50) and Facebook will put a long custom button on The River’s main page in their Fundraiser section automatically for you!

  13. Here is how mine looks:

  14. Want to see what the end result is like? Facebook creates a FULL PAGE for your custom fundraiser. Here is how mine looks (yes, you can view this page without having to make a donation :)