Blessing 17: May You have Everything You Need to Excel in Every Good Work



consider this question: "Where do you hope to be in 400 years?"

3 thoughts on “Blessing 17: May You have Everything You Need to Excel in Every Good Work

    1. Ask about each other’s health

      Heavenly Father, I am so astonished, amazed and in awe of Your wonders that you scatter all around us. Yes, thinking about them is so wonderful. Your glory is there for me to see. Help me to see it more fully! And now, the verse that keeps running in my head, so I think you want it for the basis of my prayer for your daughter Grace. Yes.

      … so Moses went out to meet him [Jethro, his father-in-law], bowed before him, and kissed him. They asked about each other’s health and then went into Moses’ tent. (Exodus 18:7 GNT)

      Lord, that is so interesting. I find that so very interesting. When Jethro arrived, what did Moses do? He asked him how he was doing… Asked about his welfare… Asked about his health! So, today, Lord, when You come down to meet with us (which you always do) … with me and with Your daughter Grace … when You come to meet with us today, maybe You wish to ask us about our health, about HER health. Maybe You wish to ask how we are doing. So, that will be my prayer then … Lord, come meet with us this day and talk with us about our health. Yes, help us to talk with You about our health. You know, of course, but still You want to talk about it with us. Just like when You called out to Adam, “Where are you?” Lord, this day, ask us, “How are you?” Yes. We wait to hear your voice, your question, “How are you Grace?” … and “How are you, pray-er*?” Come Lord Jesus!

      * Pray-er – one who is praying


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