Originally (pre-pandemic) one of these blessings was prayed for everyone at The River. Each Friday, one blessing was adapted and  prayed over everyone at The River and posted weekly on this website. All 40 blessings are on this website now!

There are several versions/editions of the eBook for these 40 Blessings!

Read the eBook:

=> 40 Blessings for EVERYONE (rev4)

or the updated 2nd edition eBook (with the Click Here link at the bottom of each blessing):

=> River Blessings Updated 2nd Edition

or the updated 2nd edition eBook Pandemic Edition (no Click Here text on Blessing pages):

=> 2nd Ed 40 Blessings for EVERYONE (rev5-pandemic updates)

But Wait … there’s more!

You can now also see an eBook for the Original Blessings for HIM and for HER:

=> 40 Blesssings for Him


=> 40 Blessings for Her

Contact Len for information on how you can get your own hard copy book for any of these editions (complete with glossy cover).

But Wait … there’s still more!

Thirty of these blessings have been adapted and translated into prayers for YWAM Ternopil Ukraine !!! Here is the website of the DUAL LANGUAGE BLESSINGS:

=> Dual Language Blessings for Ukraine (website to view one by one)
=> 30 blessings for YWAM Ukraine

But Wait … there’s even more!

Twenty Four of these blessings have been adapted as blessing prayed by a fictitious chaplain about a fictitious space ship for the fictitious crew on the starship!

=> Blessings from Chaplain Levi O’Connor (website to view one by one)
=> eBook of Chaplain Levi O’Connor Blessings

=> Contact Len